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1967: KPIs & Strategic Finance

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On today’s episode, we are back, fresh from the Dental Success Summit in San Antonio, Texas, In this episode, we have Dr. Deren Flesher, a panelist from the Summit’s discussion on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Dr. Flesher dives into the significance of KPIs in dental practices, sharing insights on hygiene efficiency and supply management, highlighting the importance of being well-prepared and having efficient systems in place. Drawing from his own extensive experience, Dr. Flesher elaborates on the complexities of personal finance, the impact of investment choices, and the benefits of strategic tax planning.

With a focus on personal finance and investment, Dr. Flesher discusses his journey through entrepreneurship and his proactive approach to financial stewardship. He emphasizes the crucial nature of starting financial planning at the moment of realization, regardless of career stage. For those feeling behind, he offers encouragement and a strategic perspective, advocating for diversification and the careful balance between managing debt and seizing investment opportunities.

Listeners seeking personal finance guidance or interested in learning more about Legacy Point can reach out to Dr. Flesher directly. His passion for educating and empowering dental professionals in financial matters shines through as he invites open conversations about money and investment strategies. He reassures listeners that it’s never too late to start and that proper planning can lead to financial freedom, enabling more life choices and opportunities outside of the operatory.