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The Dental Success Institute, founded by Dr. Mark Costes in 2012, is unlike any other coaching and consulting company in the dental profession. Our team of black-belt level coaches is dedicated to helping practicing dentists to become more knowledgeable, more profitable and more fulfilled in their careers. Take the first step towards your new life today!

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Who Are We?

Dr. Mark Costes is not your typical dentist and business coach. He learned early on in his career that success is reached when you gather like-minded people who are driven to be the best in their business life and their personal life. Dental Success Institute is a place where these people can gather and through the guidance of Mark and the highest achievers in the industry (his black belt coaches) can reach their highest potential in all walks of life.

With this philosophy, Mark and the Dental Success Institute created the Elite Practice Mastermind.

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The Plan

The Elite Practice Mastermind is a member only group, led by Mark Costes and his black belt coaches. With Mark’s experience and processed based systems, he's created a coaching model like no other in the industry. Members of this group have regular meetings with the black belt coaches, gather at events throughout the year hosted by Mark and have access to one of the largest networks of dental resources in the world.

Members of the Elite Practice Mastermind are from all walks of the dental practice owner journey but their goal is to move their business to the next level. They are $1 million dollar practices growing to $5 million practices - they are $5 million practices growing to $15 million practices. These members are wildly successful, but their journey is real and their stories are authentic - most of all they collaborate in the success of all members.

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The Events

Members of DSI Elite Practice Mastermind are invited to events throughout the year led by Mark and his blackbelt coaches. These two to three day events are packed full of presentations by Mark and his team on everything from optimizing your revenue, staffing, keeping costs down, HR and payroll, optimizing supply purchases, team training and more. The agenda includes breakout sessions with black belt coaches, best practices and most importantly sharing what is working and what isn’t. This is your time to ask the tough questions you’ve been struggling with during the year.

The best part of these events is being next to your fellow masterminds, connecting with them, learning from their businesses and expanding the circle that will help you be the best, most successful dental practice owner you can be.

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The Podcast

The Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes is one of the most listened to dental podcasts in the country. This isn’t your typical dental podcast. With tens of thousands of listeners a month, Mark provides his listeners with topics ranging from business, marketing, services, motivational and entertaining.

Plus, listen to Mark interview big names outside the dental world including Astronaut Clayton Anderson, Athlete Ben Greenfield, Author Ryan Holiday and more!

Sample of Topics
Advanced Practice Analytics with Kevin Rossen
A Dream Dental Life with Dr. Andrew Turchin
Increasing Income and Profitability
Ops Manual Creation with Dr. Addison Killeen and Michael Lomatan

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