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1976: Extreme Ownership Pt. 2

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On today’s part 2 episode, recorded live at the 2024 Dental Success Summit in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Mark Costes sits down with Jocko Willink for a riveting discussion on leadership and change management. Jocko elaborates on his experience with instituting new processes within teams, particularly a more effective system of information collection during his military career. He emphasizes the importance of setting realistic expectations and being open to feedback to overcome resistance and enhance operational efficiency.

Jocko also explores the concept of ‘dichotomy of leadership’, sharing insights on how leaders can maintain balance and flexibility in their roles to foster a productive work environment. He highlights the need for leaders to recognize their emotional triggers and employ detachment techniques to remain calm and focused during high-pressure situations.

Furthermore, Jocko touches on the profound personal impacts of his military service, reflecting on the losses he endured and the deep appreciation for life these experiences instilled in him. He ties these reflections back to business and leadership, advocating for a focus on meaningful, people-centered goals rather than mere profit maximization.