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1974: Mastering Dental Practice Management

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On today’s episode, we welcome back Dr. Chris Green, a dynamic dentist and entrepreneur who founded Green Dental Care in 2018. Dr. Green shares insights on his journey from starting a practice from scratch to experiencing rapid growth, leading to a strategic partnership in 2023. As a DSI black belt coach and co-founder of the Practice Launch Pad, Dr. Green offers a wealth of knowledge on effective dental practice management.

During their conversation, Dr. Green discusses his collaboration with Dr. Addison Killeen on a new book aimed at addressing current challenges in the dental workforce exacerbated by COVID-19. The book focuses on optimizing dental assistant training to enhance practice efficiency and patient care. Dr. Green elaborates on the structure of the upcoming manual, which includes comprehensive guides, tests, and digital resources to support both new and transitioning dental assistants.

Listeners will gain practical advice on creating a robust onboarding process, the importance of systematic training, and the integration of a tiered competence and compensation system. Dr. Green emphasizes the significance of adapting these systems to individual practice needs to foster a supportive and efficient work environment.

This episode is a must-listen for dental professionals seeking to elevate their practice through strategic staffing and operational excellence.