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1875: A Unique DSO Model Pt. 1

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On today’s 2-parter episode, Mark is joined by Dr. Weston Spencer, an accomplished cosmetic dentist and dental partnership group co-founder. Dr. Spencer discusses his journey in dentistry, influenced by his grandfather, and his focus on cosmetic procedures after being inspired by cosmetic dentists during his studies. He shares his growth strategy, emphasizing internal marketing and patient engagement to transition from single-tooth to comprehensive dentistry, which helped expand his practice from $500,000 to $2.5 million in revenue.

Dr. Spencer also delves into practice management, discussing the delegation of administrative tasks to maintain a patient-centric focus. He highlights the importance of building a team culture and investing in staff to foster a positive and productive work environment. The discussion touches on his innovative dental partnership group, SPP Dental Partners, designed to preserve the autonomy of private practices while offering the benefits of group practice through shared back-office services and economies of scale.

Lastly, Dr. Spencer discusses the growth and operational aspects of his own practice, including his expansion to a larger facility with multiple providers. He emphasizes the importance of having a good team and the ability to adapt and grow, both clinically and in terms of practice management, to prevent burnout and ensure the success of the practice.

Join us tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to this interview with Dr. Weston Spencer.