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1968: Turning Words into Wealth

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On today’s episode, we welcome back Aurora Winter, a repeat guest known for her expertise as a bestselling author, TV producer, media coach, ghostwriter, and serial entrepreneur.

Aurora discusses her approach to transforming words into wealth, leveraging her background in filmmaking and neuroscience to help individuals from various professions enhance their communication skills and achieve substantial results. Whether it’s raising capital for a startup, negotiating a raise, or signing a new client, Aurora’s methods have proven effective across the board.

In her latest book, “Turn Words Into Wealth,” Aurora outlines seven models for generating seven figures through effective communication and book publishing. She shares insights into how prominent figures like Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Hillary Clinton have monetized their messages, emphasizing the importance of not just writing a book but also strategically marketing it to maximize revenue streams.

Mark and Aurora delve into the intricacies of building a personal brand through publishing. They discuss how having a book can significantly elevate one’s professional stature and open doors to new opportunities. Aurora gives practical advice on how anyone, especially busy professionals like dentists and small business owners, can efficiently write and publish a book using her spoken author method.