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2002: Creating A Leadership Team Pt. 2

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On today’s episode, Dr. Summer Kassmel continues her discourse on empowering leadership within dental practices from her presentation at DSS 2024. She delved into the importance of audit systems in maintaining the integrity of office protocols, stressing the need for regular checks to ensure consistency and accountability. Dr. Kassmel explained how rotating audit responsibilities among dental assistants (DAs) not only helps in maintaining standards but also cultivates a culture of peer-to-peer accountability.

Expanding on leadership development, she advised against hastily assigning titles to emerging leaders, emphasizing instead the observation of their ability to manage projects and uphold standards consistently. This approach, she suggested, prepares them for leadership by gradually increasing their responsibilities, thereby diffusing power within the practice and strengthening team dynamics.

Dr. Kassmel also discussed the identification and nurturing of potential leaders, focusing on traits like high accountability, internal motivation, and healthy empathy. These qualities, she argued, are crucial for leaders who can sustain high standards without constant external motivation. She highlighted the importance of humility and active listening in leadership, skills that enhance team communication and effectiveness.

Towards the end of her talk, Dr. Kassmel touched on the concept of “disciplined empowerment,” which involves trusting leaders to make decisions and holding them accountable for results rather than processes. She shared personal experiences and insights into the challenges of leadership, including the need for honest communication and maintaining high standards to ensure patient care quality.

Dr. Kassmel concluded by reflecting on the personal and professional growth that comes from creating a leadership team that not only meets but exceeds the cultural and operational goals of a dental practice. She offered her leadership packet for further guidance, reinforcing her commitment to developing effective leaders in the dental industry.