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1999: Associate Integration Mastery

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On today’s episode, Dr. Ben Kacos, founder of Shreveport Dental Solutions, Peek Dental Resources, and Chief Clinical Officer of Dental Success Partners, shares valuable tips for smoothly onboarding dental associates. As a DSI Black Belt Coach, Dr. Kacos emphasizes the importance of leadership and clarity in the onboarding process. He discusses common pitfalls, such as expanding too quickly without solidifying a profitable flagship practice, and stresses the need for defining non-negotiables and expectations. Dr. Kacos highlights the significance of communication, proper training, and creating a strong team culture. He also delves into the nuances of allowing new associates to see new patients, managing complex treatment plans, and setting clear goals and performance indicators. This episode is packed with insights and practical advice for dental practice owners looking to successfully integrate new associates into their teams. Join us for this informative session and learn how to avoid common mistakes and set your associates up for success.