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1998: Maximizing Dental Practice Efficiency

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On today’s episode, we welcome back Elaine Houle, a seasoned provider of front office training with over 27 years of experience in dentistry. Elaine has worked to improve the operational efficiencies of numerous dental offices and provided interim support for many others. Her company, Dentist Advisor Group, focuses on streamlining efficiencies, maximizing revenues, establishing leadership roles, and enabling dentists to concentrate on their core passion—practicing dentistry.

Elaine discusses the increased inquiries she has received from dentists opening new practices and emphasizes the common delays and challenges faced in the de novo startup space, such as construction setbacks and equipment orders. She shares her approach to helping new practices streamline their operations, particularly through software recommendations and efficient front office practices. Elaine also delves into her unique method of categorizing teams within the practice (Team A and Team B) to handle different responsibilities and ensure smooth operations.

The conversation touches on the importance of understanding insurance policies, reading the fine print, and obtaining reference numbers for calls to insurance companies to safeguard against claim denials. Elaine illustrates this with examples from her experience, demonstrating how thorough knowledge and proper training can recover significant amounts of revenue that might otherwise be lost.

Elaine’s dedication to educating dentists and their teams shines through as she shares her plans for upcoming workshops and presentations aimed at providing dentists with the tools they need to run efficient, successful practices. She offers her contact information for those interested in learning more or seeking her expertise to address their specific needs.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from Elaine Houle on optimizing your dental practice’s front office operations, managing insurance claims effectively, and setting up protocols to prevent common pitfalls. This episode is a must-listen for any dental professional looking to enhance their practice’s efficiency and profitability.