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1988: Leading with Vision

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On today’s episode, we have Sydney Robinson, the executive director of DSN, discussing the most recent DSN posts that have garnered significant engagement.

Sydney reflected on the recent event she organized in Charlotte, North Carolina, which was a major success. She described how practice leaders came together to share insights and learn from the FOA coaching team, creating a deeply supportive environment. The primary focus was on defining the differences between leadership and management in dental practices. Sydney noted that many office managers lack a clear understanding of their roles, which the workshop aimed to address. They utilized DSN resources, such as the operations manual, and engaged participants in breakout groups for hands-on learning and collaboration.

Mark emphasized the value of live interaction, sharing his experiences from a recent ThriveLive event. He expressed how meeting people face-to-face provides an irreplaceable energy and connection. They both agreed that, while virtual communication is important, live workshops offer unique opportunities to exchange best practices and build meaningful relationships.

Together, they delved into a question about hiring office managers. Sydney highlighted the importance of hiring individuals who fit the practice’s culture and values, stressing that alignment is crucial for successful leadership. Mark shared his perspective as a practice owner, encouraging listeners to find candidates who share their vision while balancing strong leadership skills. Their insights provided practical advice for anyone looking to strengthen their team.