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1948: Inside the Operatory

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On today’s episode, we have friend and fellow dentist, Dr. Ben Kacos, in a conversation that feels both casual and richly informative. They discuss the demands and intricacies of dental practice, from handling complex procedures under sedation to strategic practice expansion. Dr. Kacos shares his personal experience of incorporating a paramedic into his sedation procedures, enhancing both efficiency and patient safety.

Dr. Kacos also delves into the challenges of expanding a dental practice and the metrics that indicate when it’s time to do so. His growth journey from a small setup to a multi-operatory enterprise offers listeners a blueprint for scaling their operations. The discussion turns towards the demographic considerations of practice location, emphasizing the importance of choosing a place with a conducive patient-to-dentist ratio and potential for growth.

Listeners are encouraged to think ahead about their practice’s lifecycle, from inception to the eventuality of selling or partnering with larger organizations. Dr. Kacos stresses the importance of demographic research in planning a successful dental practice and provides insights into managing a large team under one roof.