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1946: Scaling New Heights

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On today’s episode, we have special guest is Dr. Summer Kassmel, a seasoned dentist with an impressive track record of merging practices to create successful group ventures in Colorado’s picturesque mountain regions. Dr. Kassmel is not just an accomplished practitioner; she’s an innovator in dental education, founding both Dental Assistant Schools Delivered and the Dental Career Academy.

In this episode, Dr. Kassmel shares her journey from solo practice to overseeing grand-scale operations and how her unique business models address staffing challenges in the dental industry. Listeners will get a firsthand account of how Dr. Kassmel crafted two innovative training programs that have become cornerstones of her practice’s success and a beacon for dental professionals nationwide.

For those driven by the allure of transforming challenges into triumphs, Dr. Kassmel’s story is a testament to what’s possible with vision and tenacity. Her approach blends the nurturing of new talent through rigorous, accessible training programs with an entrepreneurial zeal, setting a new standard in the dental community.