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1938: The Future of Dental Labs

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On today’s episode, host Dr. Mark Costes dives into the fascinating world of Dental Laboratories with guests Steven Fey, VP of Business Development at Maverick Dental Labs, and Barry Conley, a seasoned lab technician with over 40 years of experience. Maverick Dental Labs, known for its national reach and a team of more than 130 employees, has been instrumental in setting industry standards through strong culture systems and meticulous attention to detail.

Steven and Barry share their experiences and insights on the evolution of dental laboratories, emphasizing the role of technology such as AI and digital dentures in reshaping dental practices. They discuss the challenges of maintaining quality and operational efficiency in the rapidly changing landscape, and how Maverick has managed to stay ahead by embracing technology while preserving the human touch that is critical to their success.

Listeners will get a behind-the-scenes look at the journey from receiving a dental impression to the final product, highlighting the meticulous process that ensures each dental piece meets Maverick’s high standards. The episode also touches on the importance of clear communication between dentists and labs, comparing it to interpersonal relationships where understanding and clarity are key to fulfilling expectations.