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1937: Culture, Compensation & Calibrations

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On today’s episode, Mark welcomes Sydney Robinson, the Executive Director of the Dental Success Network (DSN). Sydney brings her unique perspective from the frontlines, sharing real-world dilemmas and solutions from the DSN community. The episode dives deep into the nuances of dental practice management, focusing on two main themes: the challenge of dealing with an associate dentist causing team unrest, and the complexities of hiring and compensating staff in today’s competitive job market.

Dr. Costes emphasizes the importance of leadership in addressing clinical shortcomings and cultural misfits within a team. He probes essential questions that lead to recognizing where responsibility truly lies and the steps necessary for rectification. The conversation also explores the potential pitfalls of hiring overqualified staff, ensuring that roles and hierarchies within the practice are clear to prevent power struggles and maintain harmony.

If you’re a dental professional grappling with similar issues or seeking to preemptively manage your team effectively, this episode is a treasure trove of strategies and thoughtful leadership approaches.