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1932: Presenting Large Treatment Plans

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On today’s episode, we’re coming to you live amidst the excitement of the Chicago Midwinter event. Bear with the audio today, as we’re running on the basics – just AirPods and a cellphone – but the content promises to be nothing short of compelling.

In this episode, we’re dialing into a live webinar with the esteemed Dr. Dan Briskie and Dr. Taher Dhoon, dissecting the art of presenting large treatment plans. These two industry veterans have mastered the craft in less traditionally affluent areas, proving that success isn’t limited to high-end demographics.

Expect to dive deep into the nuances of case presentations, learn strategies to elevate patient acceptance rates, and uncover the subtle art of conducting these high-stakes consultations. We’re going to unravel how Dr. Briskey and Dr. Dhoon have transformed the lives of their patients and their practice’s bottom line through skillful communication and presentation.

Listeners, if you’ve ever grappled with the transition from routine procedures to more complex treatment plans, this is the episode for you. Get ready to absorb tips that could revolutionize your approach and potentially your practice’s financial health.