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1910: Dental Supply Ordering & Fee Analysis Manual

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On today’s episode, we’re joined by Dr. Addison Killeen, an author and practitioner in the dental world. Dr. Killeen shares insights from his eighth book, focusing on dental supply and fee analysis. We delve into the importance of managing variable expenses in a dental practice, particularly dental supplies and lab fees, and how these can be controlled to enhance profitability. Dr. Killeen discusses tactics for setting budgets, ordering strategies, and choosing the right suppliers. He also touches on technology in dentistry, including radiology equipment and the impact of choosing the right tools on practice efficiency. The conversation is a treasure trove of practical advice for dental professionals looking to optimize their operations and financial health. For more detailed strategies and insights, be sure to check out the latest Dental Success Network (DSN) manual, “Dental Supply Ordering and Fee Analysis Manual”.