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1862: Human Capital Recruitment Meets Tech

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On today’s episode, we’re joined by Trey Tepechin, the innovative CEO and co-founder of Cloud Dentistry. Trey shares his fascinating journey from Harvard Law School to revolutionizing dental staffing. Listen as we explore the inefficiencies of traditional legal practice, the inspiration behind Cloud Dentistry, and how the platform is addressing current challenges in the dental industry.”

Dive into the world of dental staffing with Trey Tepechin, as he recounts his transition from law to dentistry and how his desire for efficiency led to the birth of Cloud Dentistry. Trey discusses the contrast between his time as an attorney and the creation of a tech platform that is reshaping how dental practices hire staff. As a result of COVID-19, the dental industry faced a significant shortage of professionals, particularly hygienists. Cloud Dentistry responds by unlocking ‘fractional units of labor,’ allowing dental practices to tap into a wider pool of part-time professionals to fill their staffing needs. This platform offers an alternative to the traditional staffing model, cutting out placement fees and enabling a more direct and cost-effective hiring process. Trey also shares insights on the legal nuances and challenges of using 1099 workers and the platform’s success in navigating these complexities.

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