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1852: Demystifying Advanced Prosthetics

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes is joined by Dr. Dan Briskie and Dr. Taher Dhoon from the Colorado Surgical Institute (CSI) for another exciting Surgical Saturday. The trio dives into a comprehensive discussion, demystifying advanced prosthetics on full-arch hybrid cases.

We delve into the often-underestimated complexities of prosthetic procedures in full arch hybrid cases. While advancements in digital dentistry have streamlined some aspects, the reality is that patient follow-ups for prosthetic adjustments are frequent and necessary. We discuss the critical importance of precise implant positioning and the intricacies of prosthetic design for ensuring optimal patient outcomes. We also explore the merits of next-day prosthetic delivery, which allows for meticulous work without overtaxing the patient. Finally, we touch upon common post-operative complications, highlighting the crucial role of patient education in post-surgical care to prevent issues and promote healing. Tune in to unpack these topics and more, as we navigate the nuances of dental prosthetics.

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