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1843: AI, Bioengineering & Dentistry

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On today’s episode, we’re thrilled to introduce Parsa Shahidi, a D4 dental student with a fascinating blend of experiences in biomedical engineering, entrepreneurship, and with an upcoming residency at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Costas leads the conversation, highlighting the unexpected paths that brought them together and delving into Parsa’s multidisciplinary approach to dentistry.

Parsa steps us through his journey from a Massachusetts upbringing imbued with entrepreneurial spirit, through his pivot from biomedical engineering to dentistry, influenced by a desire to impact healthcare. He shares the story behind founding an audio engineering technology company and how his startup experiences are shaping his contributions to dental AI and oral health. We get an intimate look at his academic and professional odyssey, which showcases a balance of technical prowess and business insight, leading him to the dental field.

As a dental student, Parsa confronts the dual challenge of managing startup ventures while immersing himself in rigorous academic training, a testament to his commitment to maintaining a rich tapestry of interests. Looking forward, Parsa discusses his aspiration to intertwine his clinical practice with technological innovation, particularly focusing on the potential of AI in specialties like endodontics.

To get a glimpse into the future of dentistry through Parsa’s eyes and to keep up with his innovative endeavors, make sure to visit his LinkedIn profile at

Join us to uncover how Parsa is not just preparing for a future in dental medicine but actively shaping it through a unique blend of engineering acumen and entrepreneurial zeal.