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1829: Results are the Bi-Product Pt. 1

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On today’s 1st-part episode, we’re diving into a riveting presentation by Jake Conway titled “Results are the Bi-Product.” Jake, with a profound background in Operations Analysis and a journey that led him to empower dental practices, unveils invaluable insights into personal growth and operational excellence in the realm of dental practice management.

In this segment, Jake delves into the heart of team culture, underlining the significance of rallying a high-accountable cohort and fostering honest dialogues both within oneself and among team members. As Jake unfolds his narrative on personal growth, listeners are invited to confront the fears of success, failure, and judgment that often lurk in the entrepreneurial journey. A focal point of this episode orbits around the essence of recognizing and articulating core values within the team, a cornerstone for harmonious and productive practice dynamics.

Excited for more? Stay tuned for Part 2 of this presentation where Jake delves deeper into operational metrics and financial acumen. Meanwhile, expand your horizons by joining DSN at: