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1828: Vertical Sinus Lifts

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On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes dives into an informative discussion on vertical sinus lifts. Joining him are the insightful Dr. Dan Briskie and the innovative Dr. Taher Dhoon.

In this episode, the discussion begins with demystifying and simplifying vertical sinus lifts, a crucial procedure in dental surgery. Dr. Taher Dhoon and Dr. Dan Briskie share their personal approaches to these procedures in their own practices, offering a glimpse into the practical aspects of sinus lifts. They delve into Sinus Elevation Guidelines and recommend specific Sinus Elevation Kits, shedding light on the tools that can aid in successfully performing these procedures. The conversation extends to the various techniques of performing a sinus lift, providing a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. Further, they answer questions from DSN Members within the community, making this a collaborative and enlightening discussion for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of vertical sinus lifts.

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