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1825: Power, Time & Money Pt. 2

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On today’s episode, we continue unraveling the profound insights from Alastair MacDonald’s presentation at the Dental Success Summit 2023 in San Antonio, TX. In this second part of a two-part series, Alastair explores the concept of power and how mastering it can significantly enhance both personal and professional fulfillment. His talk, titled “Escape Velocity: Power, Time & Money,” provides a roadmap for dental professionals to navigate the often tumultuous waters of the dental industry with grace and effectiveness.

While the dental profession often entails accumulating student debt, practice loans, hiring associates, or even acquiring additional practices, Alastair challenges the narrative by emphasizing the unlevered aspects of one’s skillset as the most crucial tools for success.

Blame, Shame, & Guilt:
Alastair introduces the concept of reality distortion techniques and how overcoming these emotional hurdles can pave the way to a healthier professional outlook.
A New Relationship with Uncertainty:
Encouraging a fresh perspective towards the unknown, which is often seen as a barrier rather than an opportunity for growth and innovation.

What Are You Optimizing For?:
A reflective prompt urging professionals to identify and align their actions with their core values and goals.

Your Most Valuable (Unlevered Skills):
Alastair lists a series of skills including reprimand, forgiveness, kindness, sales, acknowledgement, incentives, apologies, charity, negotiation, diplomacy, and storytelling as pivotal, yet often overlooked, tools for fostering a thriving professional environment.

New Mistakes vs. Old Mistakes:
Encouraging the cultivation of a learning environment where new mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth, contrasting with the stagnation that arises from repeating old mistakes.

Having a Team That Says “Check My Math”:
Advocating for a collaborative team dynamic where individuals seek feedback and validation before proceeding with important decisions, fostering a culture of collective responsibility and continual improvement.

Coupling All These Concepts Together:
Alastair encapsulates how integrating these elements can fundamentally uplift the level of joy and satisfaction in one’s professional journey.

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