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1812: FinTech vs Traditional Banking

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On today’s episode, we are thrilled to have Steve Steinbrunner with us, a seasoned professional with a rich 25-year history in the dental business realm, now making significant strides at Provide, a forerunner in dental industry finance. With a past filled with distinguished roles at Patterson Dental Supply and Henry Schein Dental, Steve’s journey is as enlightening as it is inspiring. We delve into what sets Provide apart in a sea of financial firms, the captivating journey of Steve into the dental domain, and the present-day fiscal panorama for aspiring dentists eyeing a startup, an acquisition, or a spatial augmentation.

In the heart of our discussion, Steve reveals the distinctive essence of Provide in comparison to other giants in the industry he has associated with over the years. The conversation unfolds the unique approaches that underpin Provide’s success, encapsulating how it has remarkably garnered a substantial share of the dental demographic. The bespoke and streamlined process of working with Provide forms the crux of our conversation, showcasing a seamless journey for dentists seeking financial backing for their ventures. Moreover, the discussion meanders through the dynamics of operating without a physical location, a characteristic that sets Provide apart, and how this virtual model stacks up against other large-scale firms in fostering trust and engagement.

The narrative takes a nostalgic turn as Steve reminisces about his enthralling journey into the dental realm, a path laden with learning, growth, and an unwavering passion for dental practice profitability. As we navigate through the current financial landscape, Steve lends invaluable insights for dentists on the brink of initiating a startup, mulling over an acquisition, or envisaging an addition to their existing space. The fiscal considerations and the quest for a trustworthy lender form a crucial part of this dialogue, offering a lucid understanding of the financial horizon awaiting aspiring dental entrepreneurs.

Engrossed by the conversation and need a financial ally for your dental venture? Reach out to Steve at and take the first step toward realizing your dental aspirations. And if you haven’t had enough, make sure to tune in for more insightful discussions on our next episode!