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1806: Buying EBITDA

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On today’s episode, we delve deep with Justin Marti, an accomplished entrepreneur and attorney with a compelling journey. He not only co-founded a dental services organization (DSO) in 2006 and scaled it to 45 locations across four states but also sold it successfully in a private equity deal by 2018. But Justin’s story doesn’t end there. Shifting gears, he ventured into the legal realm, specializing in healthcare and business, particularly focusing on dental practice transitions. His unique blend of experience gives him an unparalleled vantage point: he doesn’t just think like an attorney; he understands the nuances of a practice owner. Over the years, he’s played pivotal roles in numerous healthcare M&A transactions, designed intricate corporate frameworks, and has been a trusted negotiator for myriad agreements catering to healthcare providers and executives. In Justin’s words, he’s more of an “advisor first, attorney second.”

During our enlightening conversation, we touched upon:

  • The unexpected twists and turns when searching for the right partner or buyer during dental group transitions.
  • The art and science of EBITDA multiple negotiations.
  • The elements that magnetize a dental practice to private equity.

For those keen on understanding the nuances of dental practice transitions or seeking seasoned guidance, Justin Marti is your go-to. Connect with him and his proficient team at