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1800: Navigating the FinTech Frontier

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On today’s episode, we sit down with Chad Widensky, the dynamic Chief Revenue Officer at Provide. Chad’s journey began as a Regional Director of Practice Finance for the Northeast in March 2019, and after demonstrating his unparalleled expertise in practice finance, spanning over 13 years, he was elevated to his current pivotal role in 2022. A proud Boston University graduate with a BS in Political Science and Philosophy, Chad now leads with a focus on driving loan volume and revenue growth across multiple teams.

Our conversation dives deep into the nuances of the FinTech industry. Chad draws comparisons between traditional banking institutions and innovative FinTech companies like Provide. What sets them apart? It’s not just the software; it’s the entire experience, devoid of layers of bureaucracy. Chad recalls his extensive decade-long experience with larger institutions and how it helped him shape and refine the consultative approach he brings to Provide.

One of the stand-out moments from the discussion is the emphasis on technology and people. As Chad mentions, technology can streamline processes, but it’s the human touch that truly transforms a client’s experience. The recent shift in Provide’s mission statement—from emphasizing technology first to highlighting the importance of great people backed by innovative technology—is a testament to that belief.

Chad sheds light on the internal dynamics at Provide, emphasizing real-time communication tools like Slack and the collaborative ethos it brings, bridging the gap between sales teams and underwriters. He also proudly shares the company’s meteoric rise as the second-largest lender in the dental lending space.

The conversation then pivots to Chad’s unique role as Chief Revenue Officer—a title that might be new to many. Beyond driving revenue, Chad’s role encompasses strategy, system development, product delivery, and ensuring that clients, especially healthcare professionals, have a seamless and positive experience with Provide.

As the episode wraps up, we get a snapshot of how Provide’s reach is expanding across the United States with a strong team of dedicated representatives, and a hint at an intriguing SBA product that’s on the horizon.

If you’ve ever been curious about the world of FinTech, or are a professional in the healthcare domain seeking a financial partner that prioritizes both technology and personal touch, this episode is a must-listen. Dive in, get inspired, and discover the future of practice finance with Provide and Chad Widensky!