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1799: Keeping Your “A-Players” Happy & Engaged

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On today’s episode, Mark and Sydney Robinson delve into the common themes and most engaging posts within the Dental Success Network (DSN) community. They offer their insights and advice on various challenges faced by dental practice owners and managers.

Motivating Team to Schedule for Production Goals

  • Mark and Sydney discuss a post about motivating the front office to consistently schedule to production goals. They explore the concept of fear among staff due to being short-staffed and the importance of addressing it.
  • Mark emphasizes the need for setting clear goals, benchmarks, and a robust process for scheduling.
  • Sydney adds insights about efficient communication and adapting scheduling based on available staff.

Rewarding Loyalty and Key Players

  • Mark and Sydney tackle the question of how to reward loyalty and recognize key team members without unsustainable raises.
  • They emphasize the importance of performance-based raises and bonuses over automatic, time-based raises.
  • Sydney suggests using a tiered model and understanding team members’ motivations beyond just monetary rewards.
  • Mark highlights the significance of culture, growth opportunities, and continual education in retaining team members.
  • Conclusion: Mark and Sydney wrap up the episode by encouraging listeners to explore the resources available within the Dental Success Network and highlighting the group’s supportive and positive environment.

This episode provides valuable insights for dental practice owners and managers, addressing common challenges they face in team motivation, retention, and scheduling for production goals. Mark and Sydney’s thoughtful advice and real-world examples make this a must-listen for anyone in the dental industry looking to enhance their practice’s success.