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1778: The Black Belt Hygiene Department Pt 1

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On today’s episode, join us as we delve into a comprehensive exploration of Total Hygiene Solutions in a live webinar titled “Total Hygiene Solutions: A Deep Dive Workshop with Dr. Ben Kacos.” Dr. Ben Kacos, along with the expert insights of Dr. Mark Costes and Ashlee Hirschfeld, COO of DSN and founder of GSDQueen, takes us on an insightful journey.

In this segment, Dr. Ben Kacos uncovers the catalyst behind his impressive growth and focuses on a pivotal factor – scaling the hygiene department. Learn about NP & SRP Blocks, enhancing reappointment rates, leveraging whitening services, and the critical role of irrigation. Dive into the nuances of scaling procedures in the presence of gingivitis, gaining invaluable insights for elevating your dental practice’s hygiene standards.

Stay tuned for the second part of this enriching webinar, where we will continue to uncover essential strategies for enhancing your practice’s hygiene excellence. For a deeper dive into Total Hygiene Solutions and to expand your dental expertise, reach out to Liz Murphy at [email protected] to register for Dr. Ben Kacos’ course.