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1758: Transformation Time!

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On today’s episode, we have an inspiring panel discussion featuring some of the remarkable DSI Blackbelts from DSS 2023. Mark opens the conversation by highlighting the incredible transformations these dentists have experienced, whether it’s reducing overhead, increasing personal income, or finding greater work-life balance.

Dr. Ashley Humlicek shares her reasons for joining DSI and her biggest takeaways from the community. She reflects on her journey from high overhead to achieving a remarkable reduction and emphasizes how success looks different for everyone.

Dr. Ronnie Netter shares his initial experience of running a practice without systems and the significant improvements he has made since joining DSI. He discusses his remarkable increase in systemization score and a significant reduction in overhead.

Jordan Smith and Kristina Neda discuss the core values that drive their practice and their decision to join DSI. They share their early years’ challenges with zero systems and not paying themselves, and highlight their impressive progress with 30 employees, 53% overhead, and a thriving hygiene department.

Dr. Jaime Tobon discusses the unique challenges of running a practice during the COVID-19 pandemic and how joining DSI has helped him navigate those uncertain times. He shares his journey of reducing overhead and taking on another practice, highlighting the positive impact of DSI on his professional growth.

Alastair MacDonald engages in a captivating storytelling session, drawing parallels between Mark’s journey and his own experience. He describes the transformative power of finding resilience and shares how Mark’s vision and leadership have made a profound impact on the lives of DSI members. He also explains the significance of the coral belt and its connection to Mark’s legacy.

Join us for this insightful episode and be inspired by the incredible stories and wisdom shared by these accomplished dental professionals. To experience the benefits of DSI yourself, don’t forget to join Dental Success Institute (DSI).