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1753: In the Trenches – Systemization & Overhead Control Pt.1

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On today’s episode, we have an exciting panel discussion featuring two esteemed blackbelts from the Dental Success Institute (DSI) – Dr. Addison Killeen and Dr. Steve Dove. Joining Dr. Mark Costes on stage at the Dental Success Summit 2023, they delve into the world of practice management and systemization.

In this insightful conversation, Dr. Costes poses thought-provoking questions to Dr. Killeen and Dr. Dove, exploring topics such as the maximum number of manageable reports, the effective use of checklists in managing multiple practices, and the concept of “bright spots.” They also delve into the importance of the 3 C’s when implementing systemization across a single or multiple practice group. Additionally, they share valuable insights on recognizing and seizing opportunities as they arise.

This engaging discussion is filled with practical advice and real-world experiences from these high-performing dentists. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from their expertise and gain valuable insights into optimizing practice management.

Be sure to tune in to this exciting part 1 of the Blackbelt Panel and stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow, where we’ll continue the conversation with another group of accomplished blackbelts.