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1727: What to Know About Real Estate & Your Practice

On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes sits down with Colin Carr, the founder and CEO of CARR, the nation’s leading provider of commercial real estate services for healthcare tenants and buyers. With over two decades of experience and personally completing over 1,000 transactions, Colin brings a wealth of expertise to the conversation.

Join Mark and Colin as they dive into Colin’s growth story and how he got started in the commercial real estate industry. Discover the benefits and risks of buying commercial real estate and gain insights into the ideal time for you to make a purchase. They also discuss the impact of interest rates and property values on consumers. In addition, explore the biggest mistakes to avoid when selecting a site and taking possession of lease space from landlords.

Don’t miss this informative episode filled with valuable insights from Colin Carr. Tune in now to expand your knowledge of commercial real estate and gain a competitive edge in your healthcare practice. Listen to the full episode and unlock the secrets to achieving the most favorable terms for your lease and purchase negotiations.


1726: Creating a Compelling Financial Future

On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes is interviewed by Dr. Jeff Anzalone, a board-certified periodontist and founder of Jeff shares his expertise in helping dentists and physicians avoid financial mistakes and achieve early retirement through passive real estate investments.

Join the conversation as Mark and Jeff discuss the best ways for new practitioners to run a practice, the impact of coaching through Dental Success Summit and Dental Success Institute, and the benefits of having a coach.

If you’re a dentist or physician looking to navigate the early stages of your career and optimize your financial success, this episode is a must-listen. Gain valuable insights and practical tips from Dr. Jeff Anzalone’s experience and expertise. Tune in now and take your career and financial future to new heights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional. Listen to the episode and start your journey towards financial freedom today!


1725: The Universe of Alternative Investments

On today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes sits down with Dr. Eric Francom, an Angel Investor and Wealth Mentor, for an insightful discussion on Real Estate Syndication and its tax advantages compared to non-syndication. Discover the typical turnaround time for receiving dividends or returns and gain valuable insights on what to expect as a return on your investments. Dr. Francom’s expertise and experience make this episode a must-listen for investors and business owners looking to multiply their wealth. Tune in now and unlock the secrets of successful real estate investments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and take your investment strategies to the next level. Listen to the episode and start building your wealth today!


1724: Innovative Cashflow

On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, we have a special guest, Dave Monahan, the CEO and Founder of Kleer. Dave is a passionate advocate for dentists and patient rights, and he has designed an advanced, cloud-based platform that empowers dentists to take control of the dental marketplace.

In this insightful interview, Dave shares his expertise on how dentists can optimize patient care and value with a membership plan. Discover how a dental membership plan can engage uninsured patients, enhance their care decisions, and increase loyalty to your practice. Dave emphasizes the importance of customizing a membership plan that aligns with your practice’s needs and effectively automating plan management.

Kleer offers a comprehensive platform that simplifies the customization, promotion, and management of membership plans for independent, group, and DSO practices. With Kleer, you can take your practice to new heights and expand access to high-quality dental care.

Join us as we delve into Kleer’s background, explore the infrastructure of the company, and uncover exciting developments on the horizon for Kleer this year.

If you’re a dentist looking to enhance patient care, increase practice growth, and reclaim control of the dental marketplace, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to gain valuable insights from Dave Monahan and discover the transformative power of membership plans. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your practice to the next level.


1723: Data-Driven Decisions

On today’s episode, we have an insightful presentation from Ryan Gross at the Mastermind event in North Carolina. Ryan dives into the world of data-driven decisions and the role of CMOShare in helping dental practices harness the power of data. He discusses the importance of accessing and utilizing data effectively, specifically focusing on understanding how conversions translate to revenue, which is crucial for maximizing return on investment (ROI). With CMOShare’s expertise, practices can access valuable data that empowers them to make smart business decisions and drive growth. Don’t miss out on this episode filled with valuable insights and strategies. Tune in now to learn more about data-driven decisions and how CMOShare can help your practice thrive.


1722: Profit, Scale and Restorative Medicine

On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, we have Steve Adams joining us. Steve is a former corporate banker and a veteran entrepreneur with a deep passion for optimizing the performance of entrepreneurs and high achievers.

In this captivating interview, Mark Costes sits down with Steve to delve into his background and explore his journey as an entrepreneur. Steve’s extensive experience in building and scaling organizations through disciplined execution, direct-response marketing, and creating a culture of extraordinary client experiences shines through as he shares valuable insights.

From his successful career in corporate banking, where he brought in nearly $500 million in new business, to his venture in the retail industry, Steve’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approaches have driven remarkable growth and success. He led an organization that grew to 44 units across 6 states, with revenues exceeding $100 million and industry-leading performance metrics.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Steve is also the Founder and CEO of Tiger Medical Institute, a personalized medicine organization based in Seattle. He serves individuals seeking comprehensive restorative medicine, catering specifically to professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Steve owns an organic grocery and supplement store with an organic food café, espresso, and wine bar in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

As an author of several books, including “Passionate Entrepreneur” and “Unleashing the Peak Performer Within You,” Steve shares his wisdom and insights on unleashing one’s full potential. He is also actively involved in philanthropic work, having founded International Business as Mission (iBAM), a non-profit organization that provides entrepreneurial training and start-up funding in developing nations.

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, restorative medicine, and unlocking your peak performance, be sure to listen to the full episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast with Steve Adams.


1721: Business is Business

On today’s episode, Mark was interviewed by Alec Goldman on the NexHealth podcast “How I Grew My Practice”. They discussed the importance of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) for dental practice owners to improve practice efficiency and profitability. Mark highlights the six pillars of building a successful practice and emphasizes the importance of systemization and leveraging technology. He also stresses the need for education in financial management, leadership, and basic business skills to effectively manage and analyze the success of their practices. Don’t miss this valuable insight on how to take your dental practice to the next level. Tune in now!


1720: Getting Claims Paid FAST

On today’s episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast, we have a clip from the most recent Mastermind in North Carolina. In this presentation, Kelcie Thompson & Claudia Kennedy dive into the topic of “The Quick and The Payout.” They discuss the importance of prompt submission of claims and being proactive in order to avoid claim corrections. They also cover key topics such as coding correctly, claims processing, payment, denials, resubmissions, and no responses. Lastly, they end with a Q&A session to further delve into the topic. If you’re looking to improve your claims processing and get paid faster, don’t miss this episode! Join us as we learn from Kelcie Thompson & Claudia Kennedy on how to streamline your claims process and maximize your payouts. Tune in now!


1719: Expansion & Leveraging Reporting Pt. 2

On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, we bring you Part 2 of Jake Conway’s captivating presentation on expansion and leveraging reporting. In this continuation of his insightful talk from the Mastermind event in North Carolina, Jake dives deeper into the steps for analysis to increase capacity in a single practice versus scaling to multiple locations. Discover the intricacies of internal and external marketing strategies, and explore the “Why” behind your desire to expand your practice.

If you haven’t already listened to Part 1 of Jake’s presentation, make sure to check it out for valuable insights on when to expand, ideal hygiene to doctor ratio, and the concept of EBITDA. Now, in Part 2, Jake uncovers the key factors to consider for successful practice expansion and provides actionable steps to take your practice to new heights.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain expert knowledge and practical tips from Jake Conway. Listen to Part 1 of the episode if you haven’t already, and then dive into Part 2 to complete your journey toward practice expansion. Tune in now and unlock the secrets to scaling your practice effectively.


1718: Expansion & Leveraging Reporting Pt. 1

On today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of expansion and leveraging reporting with our special guest, Jake Conway in this Part 1 episode. In this captivating presentation from the Mastermind event in North Carolina, Jake shares his expertise on when it’s the right time to expand your practice and the importance of starting with hygiene. Discover the ideal hygiene to doctor ratio and gain valuable insights from Jake’s pre-expansion checklist. He also explores the implications of expanding with hygienists and sheds light on the concept of EBITDA and its impact on your practice’s growth and profitability.

If you’re a dental practice owner looking to take your business to the next level and make informed decisions for expansion, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to gain valuable knowledge and practical tips from Jake Conway’s enlightening presentation on expansion and leveraging reporting. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your practice’s success. Listen to the first half of the episode and start your journey toward practice expansion today!