804: Is This the Path?

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

 Bobby G  Bobby G Dr. Amanda Wilson  Bobby G Dr. Amanda Wilson

Three things that can improve your state of mind; journaling, visualization, and decluttering your physical space.

On today’s show I’m sharing a few things that help me with my mindfulness routine. I find it helpful to install habits that decrease decision fatigue and free up my mind. Some of these habits are as simple as planning out my workouts and meals. On the other end of the spectrum, I find reading Stoicism to be valuable. In a nutshell, Stoicism is the belief that we have the ability to control only our reactions to the things that happen around us. The one star review or the angry tailgater on the way to work is completely out of our control. Tune in to hear more about the tools I use to stay stress-free and poised throughout the day.

Questions to ask yourself in stressful situations:

  • Does this really matter?
  • Will I be this concerned about this tomorrow?
  • Is this up to me?
  • Will getting angry worried or scared improve the situation


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