747: Relieving DENTIST Pain

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson


Creator of Foundation to Freedom, Caitlin Parsons

This was a very interesting conversation to have on how to proactively treat posterior pain. Caitlin is a hygienist and certified therapeutic yoga instructor. Her initial dive into yoga was out of necessity. Like many of us, she was experiencing back pain early in her career. When just working harder didn’t work, she got into yoga. After feeling the improvement she created Foundation to Freedom, a one on one and online program designed to help dental professionals find relief.

During the show, we discuss:

  • Pain relief and stress reduction
  • Creating a business by solving a problem
  • Therapeutic yoga
  • Non-weightbearing strength training
  • Getting to the root cause



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