734: Your Hero’s Journey

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Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson Dr. Amanda Wilson


“Whatever happens to you in life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you” – Ed Mylett

It is my opinion that David Goggins is one of the strongest men alive. His resume speaks for itself with bullet points such as the completing an ultramarathon at 250 lbs and going through BUD/S training three times in one year. This guy has had a true Hero’s Journey. Joe Rogan once said the best piece of advice he’s ever given is to imagine you are being followed around by a film crew right now that is recording footage for a documentary in your Hero’s Journey.

Listen in today to hear the twelve steps in every hero’s journey.

  • The Steps in a Hero’s Journey:
  • Status Quo
  • The Call to Adventure
  • Assistance from Someone
  • Crisis
  • Departure
  • Trails and Challenges
  • Approach, Facing the Fear
  • Crisis, the Biggest Challenge
  • Treasure
  • Results
  • Return Home Triumphant
  • A Brand New Life



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