638: Then and Now with Craig Cody

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dr. Grace Yum Kiera Dent

Crossover episode with Craig Cody of the Progressive Dentist Podcast

A while back we had Craig Cody, CPA on the podcast for what was one of our most downloaded shows back then. This time around, I had the privilege of being a guest on his show. We had a great discussion about how observing others can accelerate your career, the process of learning the business of dentistry, and the power of delegation.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • Learning from other people’s mistakes
  • Why it is up to dentists and students to teach themselves the business of dentistry
  • Balancing life by scheduling your days and delegation
  • Why becoming proficient in extractions, endo, and painless anesthesia is the best way to build your practice in dental school


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