632: Time to Scale?

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Dr. Grace Yum Kiera Dent

Darin Acopan of The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization

In this episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast, we have Darin Acopan joining the show. Darin plays a critical role in the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization by selecting all new DEO members. He also leads their strategic partnerships division. In this show we dove deep into when it’s time to expand and scale, where to look for capital, and what dentists should be doing if they’re looking to start a DSO.

During our conversation, we cover:

  • Why there’s no reason to expand if you aren’t increasing same store sales
  • Where to look for capital when you’re ready to scale
  • Why there’s no sense in having working interviews with associates
  • Darin’s DSO conference recommendations


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