496: Unpacking KPI’s

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

The Dentalpreneur Podcast

The Dentalpreneur Podcast“Complexity is the enemy of execution” – Tony Robbins

Welcome back to The Dentalpreneur Podcast! Today we have a presentation I gave at one of the Dental Success Summits. This key note had an interactive element as the audience responded to a series of questions about the health of their practices. So, how well do you know your numbers? See if you can follow along and rattle off a few KPIs as I unpack them from stage!

During the presentation, I discuss:

  • How changes in medicine have caused dental school admissions to become more competitive
  • Trends in average income amongst dentists and specialists
  • The importance of providing opportunities for the team to grow
  • Numbers to know when assessing the health of a practice
  • Aligning your team with incentive programs and taking full responsibility


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