486: Obstacle is the Way

 In The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Steve Lawton

I reflect on how the lessons in The Obstacle is the Way have manifested in my life.

To continue the theme of rereading some of my favorite books, I grabbed my copy of The Obstacle is the Way and paged through my notes. This has always been a very insightful exercise for me.This time around, the text got me thinking about longevity and reflecting on two things: my time before dental school and the recalibration phase of my career.I encourage you all to engage and let me know your reflections and how the content that resonates most has changed over the years.

During the episode, I discuss:

  • The correlation between relationship depth and blue zones
  • My go-to strategies for making habits stick
  • The preface of The Obstacle is the Way and my reflections
    • Leaning into and learning through the wait to begin dental school
    • Stepping back and determining the best way through the recalibration phase of my career
    • How The Obstacle is the Way relates to You Can’t Hurt Me


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