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2023: Being Inefficient Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, we have the first of 2-parts from Dr. Aaron Nicholas’ presentation at the recent Mastermind event for the Dental Success Institute (DSI) in June 2024, Dr. Nicholas delved into several critical aspects of achieving success in dental practices. He began by emphasizing the importance of implementation and the need to overcome excuses that hinder progress. Dr. Nicholas discussed the significant value of efficiency and systems within dental practices, highlighting the benefits that protocols, checklists, and standardization bring to improving productivity, reducing stress, and ensuring consistent quality of care.

He stressed the necessity of measuring and auditing practice activities to pinpoint inefficiencies and identify areas for improvement. Dr. Nicholas also underscored the crucial role of change and adaptability in maintaining a successful practice, encouraging attendees to embrace and implement necessary changes to stay competitive and efficient in their operations.