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2022: Building Trust & Systems

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On today’s episode, we’re joined by recurring guest Sydney Robinson, the Executive Director of the Dental Success Network. The conversation touches on common themes within the network and Sydney’s insights from her experience as a traveling consultant.

Sydney and Mark discuss the current trends in the dental industry, including the rise of de novo practices and the considerations around acquisitions. They highlight the unique support system within DSN, where dentists can vent frustrations and seek advice in a private and respectful environment. The episode also covers debates on clinical practices, the importance of respectful discourse, and the value of diverse opinions in professional development.

Sydney shares her experiences from the road, detailing the common disconnects she observes between practice owners and their teams. She emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations and defining success for team members. The conversation also delves into the significance of having written systems and protocols and the need for regular calibration meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The episode wraps up with a discussion on the importance of personal connections and trust within a team, and the value of having a safe space for open and honest communication. Mark and Sydney also share upcoming events and workshops for continued professional development.