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2021: Hygiene Strategies

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On today’s episode, Mark sits down with Rachel Wall, RDH and CEO of Inspired Hygiene. Rachel shares insights from her 30-year career as a clinical hygienist and hygiene productivity coach, discussing her journey from starting Inspired Hygiene in 2004 to building a successful coaching firm. The conversation touches on the triple win approach of Inspired Hygiene, which aims to create healthier patients, engaged hygienists, and profitable practices. Rachel and Mark delve into the challenges of balancing family life and professional commitments, particularly during the college exploration phase for their children. They also discuss the history and philosophy of Inspired Hygiene, emphasizing the importance of calibrating hygiene teams with modern practices and technology.

Rachel highlights the significance of having a clear standard of care and the benefits of collaborative development within dental teams. The discussion shifts to the current challenges in the dental industry, including the impact of COVID-19 on the supply and demand for hygienists, rising wage expectations, and the adversarial relationships that can develop between hygienists and doctors. Rachel offers practical advice for navigating these challenges, such as the importance of open communication, data-driven decision-making, and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

Mark and Rachel also explore the nuances of coaching in dental practices, addressing common themes of resistance and the strategies to overcome them. Rachel shares her perspective on the importance of setting realistic expectations and providing support to team members as they adapt to new standards and practices. She emphasizes the need for hygienists to have ownership over their compensation and the potential benefits of shifting towards more innovative compensation models.

The episode concludes with Rachel providing information on how listeners can get in touch with Inspired Hygiene for coaching and resources. She invites listeners to visit the Inspired Hygiene website to book discovery meetings and access a wealth of free resources designed to support dental practices. Dr. Costas and Rachel sign off by wishing each other well and expressing their enthusiasm for the upcoming summer activities.