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2018: Morning Huddles That Matter Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, we have the first half of 2-parts from Dr. Ben Kacos’ presentation titled “Morning Huddles That Matter” at the Mastermind event, he delved into the crucial role of morning huddles in energizing the team and setting a positive tone for the day. He underscored the importance of leadership in maintaining high energy levels and ensuring team motivation right from the start of the day.

Dr. Kacos highlighted how morning huddles can build a strong office culture, focusing on praising teamwork and same-day treatment. He emphasized the use of positive reinforcement to encourage desired behaviors and outcomes within the team. Additionally, he discussed the value of leveraging patient reviews and social media feedback as teaching tools. By breaking down positive reviews, he illustrated how specific behaviors and practices led to successful patient interactions, thereby reinforcing good practices within the team.

Furthermore, Dr. Kacos stressed the need for continuous training and development within the practice. He introduced systems like “Back to Basics” cards, team growth meetings, and a document vault of training videos. These tools ensure consistent and effective training for both new and existing team members, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and improvement.