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2015: Rallying the Team around Systemization

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On today’s episode, from the recent DSI Mastermind, Dr. Addison Killeen delivered an insightful presentation titled “Rallying the Team around Systemization.” Addison highlighted the critical importance of systemization in dental practices, stressing that achieving over 80% systemization can lead to substantial increases in both profitability and efficiency. He emphasized the necessity of having a comprehensive operations manual, created by the team for the team, to ensure clear instructions and accountability for all tasks within the practice. Addison introduced the concept of the Chief Repeating Officer (CRO), a role dedicated to consistently reminding the team of their goals, ensuring the operations manual is utilized effectively, and maintaining accountability for all procedures. Additionally, he illustrated the financial benefits of proper systemization, showing how it can result in significant long-term financial gains, including increased practice value and higher profitability.