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2014: Insights & Foundations

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On today’s episode, Mark is on the ZenOne Podcast with Tiger Safarov and delves into various topics, starting with his experiences in dental practice management and the importance of establishing a solid foundation before expanding.

Dr. Costes emphasizes the value of building redundancies in dental practices to ensure true freedom for practitioners. He discusses the evolution of his mindset from imposter syndrome and insecurity to embracing persistence and hard work as key elements of success. Dr. Costes also highlights the significance of mentorship and setting high goals, sharing personal anecdotes and insights from his journey.

The conversation touches on the generational differences in work ethic and success, with Dr. Costes acknowledging the impressive achievements of young entrepreneurs while also recognizing the challenges they face. He offers advice to young dentists, stressing the importance of mastering a single practice before expanding and maintaining a balanced approach to personal and professional life.

Dr. Costes also reveals his plans for the future, including the launch of a new Dental Service Organization (DSO) that will roll up the best practices from his coaching group, supported by private equity funding. This new venture aims to create a strong and well-managed DSO with high valuation practices.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the world of dental practice management, personal development, and entrepreneurial success. Dr. Costes’ experiences and advice offer inspiration and practical guidance for dental professionals and entrepreneurs alike.