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2013: From Practice to Mission

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On today’s episode, Mark sits down with his great friend, Dr. Aaron Nicholas, the original black belt coach of the Dental Success Institute (DSI). Dr. Nicholas has been a significant contributor to the DSI community for over 12 years and recently delivered a keynote presentation at the Elite Practice Mastermind meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During this engaging conversation, Dr. Costes and Dr. Nicholas discuss the highlights of Dr. Nicholas’ presentation, which offered a unique perspective on achieving success in dental practice by outlining what not to do. This reverse approach resonated deeply with the audience, providing actionable insights for improving efficiency and productivity in dental practices.

The duo also shares their excitement for their upcoming annual mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where they will provide much-needed dental care to underserved communities. Dr. Costes reflects on the rewarding experiences of past trips, emphasizing the personal and professional growth gained from participating in such meaningful work. They discuss the logistics of setting up pop-up clinics, the challenges faced, and the incredible impact these trips have on both the volunteers and the patients.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Costes and Dr. Nicholas highlight the importance of efficiency in dental practice, sharing tips on batching procedures and improving workflow. They also touch on the broader aspects of personal and professional development, including the significance of setting high goals and continuously evolving as a practitioner.

Join Dr. Mark Costes and Dr. Aaron Nicholas as they delve into the intricacies of dental practice management, the joys and challenges of mission work, and the continuous journey of personal and professional growth in this enlightening episode of the Dentalpreneur podcast