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2010: Integrating Implant Surgery into a General Dental Practice Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, join host Mark as he welcomes Chris Richards, Executive Director, and Dr. Taher Dhoon, an esteemed surgeon from the Colorado Surgical Institute (CSI), for an in-depth discussion on transforming your dental practice by integrating implants. This episode is packed with actionable insights on how to create a successful implant-based practice, the importance of having the right infrastructure, and detailed strategies on marketing and patient management.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the challenges and benefits of transitioning from a general dental practice to an implant-focused one, and how to effectively track and manage implant procedures. The discussion covers the importance of infrastructure in ensuring profitability and efficiency, along with detailed steps on setting goals and building confidence in clinical skills. Chris and Dr. Dhoon also share key administrative and clinical infrastructures required to support an implant program, as well as effective marketing strategies to attract and retain implant patients. The role of continuing education and mentorship in achieving surgical proficiency is also highlighted.