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2008: Integration & Data Management Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, we welcome Clint Berry, the founder and former CTO of Weave, who is now venturing into a new dental software company called Kolla. Clint recounts the humble beginnings of Weave, from a modest setup at a seminar in Destin, Florida, to becoming a major player in dental practice management software.

Clint shares insightful anecdotes about the early challenges and successes, highlighting the importance of perseverance, innovative ideas, and the right partnerships. He details how Weave’s pioneering approach to integrating phone systems with practice management software revolutionized the way dental offices operate. Clint also discusses the pivotal role of venture capital funding in their rapid growth and the eventual public offering of Weave.

Listeners are treated to an insider’s perspective on the highs and lows of building a tech company in the competitive Silicon Valley environment. Clint explains the complexities of raising funds, dealing with investor relations, and navigating the IPO process. He provides a candid look at the decisions and strategies that fueled Weave’s success, as well as the personal and professional challenges faced along the way.

As the episode progresses, Clint introduces his new venture, Kolla, a company designed to help multi-location dental practices aggregate and automate their data. He explains the inspiration behind the name and shares how Kolla aims to streamline operations for dental practices through innovative software solutions. This episode offers a wealth of knowledge for entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and dental professionals alike, showcasing the transformative power of technology in the dental industry.