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2001: Creating A Leadership Team Pt. 1

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On today’s episode, we are thrilled to bring you insights from Dr. Summer Kassmel’s presentation titled “Creating a Leadership Team”. Dr. Kassmel, who has over a decade of experience and multiple roles including CEO of Castle Peak Dental and Avon Dental, shares her journey in the dental field and the pivotal role of creating a strong leadership team in enhancing business success and personal fulfillment. She talks about the transformational power of viewing challenges as opportunities, which has propelled her professional life forward.

Dr. Kassmel discusses the importance of leadership in dental practice, emphasizing how it can drastically alter the trajectory of one’s career, bringing joy and satisfaction. Her talk delves into practical aspects of leadership, including the establishment of a capable leadership team that carries forward the mission and enhances the culture of the organization.

Throughout her session, Dr. Kassmel recounts personal anecdotes and lessons learned from mistakes made along the way, offering tactical advice to dental professionals on how to avoid similar pitfalls. She highlights the effectiveness of her webinars and training programs, such as the Dental Career Academy, in preparing dental professionals across the country to excel in their practices.

Furthermore, Dr. Kassmel passionately speaks about her initiative, the Lady Leaders of Dentistry, which provides a platform for sharing valuable leadership and management strategies not just for women, but for all professionals within the dental community. This initiative reflects her dedication to empowering others by providing the tools and knowledge necessary for success.

This episode not only focuses on the strategic elements of building a leadership team but also touches on Dr. Kassmel’s personal experiences that underscore the critical nature of leadership in achieving business success and personal growth. Her message encourages dental professionals to embrace leadership roles not as a burden, but as an opportunity to positively influence their practices and the industry at large.