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1997: Hacking the Consult

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On today’s episode, we have a presentation titled “Hacking The Consult” from the Dental Success Summit 2024, where Dr. Taher Dhoon shared his insights and innovative approaches to dental consultations. Dr. Dhoon, co-founder of Colorado Surgical Institute and a DSI Black Belt Coach, emphasized the importance of creating a supportive and communicative environment for patients during dental consultations. He highlighted how dentists can enhance patient understanding and comfort through effective communication strategies, enabling them to comprehend complex surgical procedures like full arch makeovers and sedation dentistry.

Dr. Dhoon shared personal anecdotes and related his approach to other fields, drawing analogies that underscored the importance of depth in patient consultations. He stressed that just as treasure hunters explore deeply to uncover significant finds, dentists should delve deep into understanding patient needs and fears to uncover their true concerns and desires, thus leading to better treatment outcomes. Throughout his presentation, Dr. Dhoon provided practical advice on enhancing patient interaction, building trust, and fostering a deeper connection with patients to facilitate successful consultations and treatments. His talk was rich with strategies for engaging patients before, during, and after consultations, ensuring they feel valued and understood throughout their dental care journey.