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1996: From Application to Onboarding

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On today’s episode, Mark and Dr. Ben Kacos kick off the episode by delving into the critical factors considered when deciding to hire an associate, such as ensuring they can be kept busy, the importance of providing honest feedback, and the necessity of a thorough onboarding process. They share insights into managing unique situations, such as hiring a husband and wife dentist team, discussing the additional layers of complexity this brings and the strategic considerations involved.

The conversation touches on the significance of maintaining a steady flow of new patients and the impact of online scheduling on patient acquisition. Ben also talks about the role of hygiene flow in keeping associate schedules full. He emphasizes the importance of ongoing training and feedback for new associates, outlining the detailed process his practice uses to ensure associates meet clinical standards and improve their skills.

The episode highlights the role of leadership in developing a successful dental practice. Ben shares how his team uses morning huddles and a comprehensive playbook to ensure everyone is aligned and continuously improving. For more information about upcoming mastermind events and training sessions, visit Peak Dental Resources. Join the Dental Success Network for more insights and networking opportunities with fellow dental professionals.