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1994: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

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On today’s episode, we have a captivating interview with Alison Farber on Method Procurement Technologies’ podcast. Mark shares his inspiring and unconventional journey into dentistry. Early in life, a sports injury thrust him into the dental world as a patient, leaving him in awe of the dental professionals who meticulously repaired his teeth. This experience ignited his passion for dentistry, despite the challenges posed by dyslexia and academic struggles. Undeterred, he worked diligently to overcome 20 dental school rejections before finally gaining acceptance to Marquette University.

Drawing on his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Mark pursued an MBA while launching his first business—a catering truck. After graduation, he embraced a rigorous associate position at a Medicaid clinic, refining his clinical skills through intense practice. During that time, he diligently learned the intricacies of practice management by shadowing the office manager, which laid the groundwork for his entrepreneurial success.

Mark’s journey culminated in the creation of Dental Success Institute (DSI), a consultancy founded in 2012 after a well-received live event. Over the years, DSI grew from an initial 11 members to over 230, boasting a team of 20 coaches who are successful dentists themselves. Utilizing a unique belt system akin to martial arts, the organization encourages practitioners to hone their skills and build efficient, profitable practices.

In 2015, the Dentalpreneur podcast further expanded DSI’s reach. As the fourth-ever dental podcast, it now boasts over 2,000 episodes, reaching a global audience in 151 countries. Mark emphasizes that business education remains a crucial yet overlooked component in dental school, highlighting DSI’s role in filling this gap. By sharing his vast knowledge and mistakes made along the way, Mark fosters a supportive community where dentists of all levels collaborate and share best practices.

This engaging conversation captures Mark’s unwavering dedication to helping dental practitioners navigate the complexities of practice management and business growth. Through DSI’s masterminds and live events, Mark’s vision remains clear: to empower dentists to scale their practices, whether from a modest startup to a multi-location enterprise or a mega practice.